FY19 Highlights

Strategic developments

  • Key global executive positions filled
  • Moved to full ownership of Regnan
  • Added US and UK sales resources
  • Identified opportunities to leverage global scale

Result context

  • Cash NPAT impacted by
    • Decline in performance fees
    • UK and European outflows
  • FUM relatively steady – good support for cash and fixed interest and global equities investment strategies

Average FUM down 1% to

$98.8 billion

Cash NPAT 19% lower to

$163.5 million

Cash EPS decrease of 19% to

51.3 cents per share

Base management fees down 4% to

$482.6 million

Performance fees down 89% to

$5.9 million

Dividend decreased by 13% to

45.0 cents per share

Global scale: established in markets representing 90% of investible assets1

346 FTE employees across Australia, UK, Europe, US and Asia

82 investment professionals across 19 teams

1 Strategic Insight, Willis Towers Watson and PwC